Today, the remaining unincorporated area is commonly known as Blue Summit, although the initial “town” established in the late 1800s was called Pittsburg. While some early historical records have been lost, the Inter-City Fire Department was officially registered with the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office in 1938 (you can view the incorporation documents here). Sometime between 1938 and 1947, the Inter-City Fire Department was replaced by Fire District No. 1 of Jackson County, Missouri. However, on September 12, 1947, the Circuit Court ordered a name change to the present-day Inter City Fire Protection District.

Due to city annexations over the years, the District now encompasses an area of one square mile. Its boundaries are generally defined by the eastern side of Blue Ridge Boulevard in Independence and the northern side of 23rd Street Trafficway, eastern side of Interstate 435, and southern side of 8th Street in Kansas City. You can click on the links to view a map of the District or a list of streets within its jurisdiction.

Currently, the District operates two primary engine companies, supported by a service company, and has a contract with American Medical Response (AMR) to provide ambulance services to the area. Additionally, the District maintains a basic life support rescue squad to offer immediate response. Both engine companies are equipped to provide basic life support as well.

Over the years, the District’s firefighting capabilities have been assessed by the Insurance Services Office (ISO) as part of its Public Protection Classification (PPC) program, where a numerical rating from 1 to 10 is assigned. A Class 1 rating signifies exemplary fire protection, while Class 10 indicates that an area’s fire-suppression program does not meet ISO’s minimum criteria. Insurance companies often use ISO’s Class rating to determine insurance premiums. Following an audit in November 2008, ISO designated the District as a Class 4 effective from June 1, 2009. The District is currently striving to achieve a Class 3 rating and anticipates another audit in the near future.

The District proudly upholds its tradition as the sole remaining all-volunteer firefighting unit in Jackson County. Alongside these dedicated volunteers, the department now includes a full-time salaried Fire Chief, over 25 EMT/Paramedics, as well as a paid Treasurer/Secretary position, all contributing to the community’s safety.