Firefighter’s Association

The Inter City Firefighters Association, established in 2001, functions as an autonomous organization, distinct and independent from the Inter City Fire Protection District. Governed by a set of bylaws which are officially recorded and preserved within the organization’s records, the Association is dedicated to serving both the firefighting community and the public at large.

The core mission of the Inter City Firefighters Association is multifaceted: it aims to gather charitable contributions for firefighters, to foster a culture of safety through awareness campaigns, prevention initiatives, and robust training programs for the broader community, and to establish and support activities and facilities that are advantageous to the local youth.

Open to all individuals who are either on the payroll or volunteer for the Inter City Fire Protection District and have successfully completed their Initial Performance Trial Period, the Association welcomes new members. Those who meet the membership criteria can join the Association by submitting a formal declaration of their intention to become a member to the Secretary of the organization.

Fundraising is a significant aspect of the Association’s activities, with one of its most notable annual events being the “Boot Block,” where firefighters collect donations in their boots at intersections or public places. The funds generated from this and other events are channeled back into the community and the firefighters in various forms. The Association takes pride in organizing and supporting a host of community events such as the Community Clean-up Day, where residents and firefighters work together to beautify their city, and the Back to School Supply Day, which equips children with necessary school supplies. Moreover, they add a touch of warmth during the winter season by escorting Santa through neighborhoods to distribute gifts, host a Chili Cook-Off Dinner fostering community spirit, and celebrate national pride with a 4th of July Picnic.

Additionally, the Association recognizes the valor and dedication of firefighters by funding the department’s annual awards and dinner, which honors the hard work and commitment of the department personnel. These initiatives not only strengthen community bonds but also enhance the quality of life for local residents, making the Association an integral part of the city’s fabric.

The Inter City Firefighters Association has redefined the essence of community service, merging the valor of firefighting with the heart of civic engagement. Their vibrant initiatives like the “Boot Block” are more than traditions; they are the threads that weave together the fabric of a safer, more connected, and nurtured community.