Scheduled Community Classes


Inter City Fire Protection District is committed to serving our community and offers community classes to promote public health and save lives. We maintain a focus on providing these resources for free or highly reduced costs to underserved populations.

Some examples of our community course offerings:

Free CPR Classes
Learn the basics of CPR and/or AED usage. This will prepare participants to respond to cardiac arrests (“heart attacks”).

Free Stroke Classes
Learn how to recognize a stroke (sometimes referred to as a “brain attack”). This will prepare participants to activate the 911 system early and maximize chance of victim survival.

Free Tourniquet Classes
Learn how to stop major bleeding from traumatic injuries such as gunshots, stabbings, industrial accidents, etc. This will prepare participants to activate the 911 system early and stop major bleeding while waiting on EMS to arrive. It is possible that a person with a serious traumatic injury may bleed out and die before emergency personnel arrival and this training can result in the difference between life and death.

Free Narcan (Naloxone) Classes
Learn how to respond to drug overdoses. This will prepare participants to recognize opioid overdoses and use Narcan/Naloxone spray to revive a victim. It is always recommended to call 911 after an overdose, but this training will allow participants to provide lifesaving care in situations where there is a fear or aversion to calling emergency services. Participants will receive free Narcan and instructions to take home.